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Create A Never To Be Forgotten Adventure In The Old West

"We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost."   - - Ray Bradbury

"I've been homesick for countries I've never been to, and longed to be where I couldn't be." - -John Cheever

Did you ever long for an out of the ordinary vacation? One where you could do the things you love without the distractions of the everyday world? One where your needs were catered to by experienced travel experts who know how to create the ideal trip? One where all you had to worry about was showing up on time? Then let Old West Adventures plan your next vacation.
Old West Adventures was created to bring together a love of Fly Fishing and a love of the Native American Indian Cultural sites of the Four Corners area of the Great Southwest. With this goal in mind we have designed our trips to include ample fishing on the San Juan River, and time for visits to the great 1200 year old archaelogical sites of the ancestors of the modern day Puebloan Indian Tribes.
The San Juan River in Northwestern New Mexico below the Navajo Dam is one of America's true Blue Ribbon Trout streams. The National Wildlife Service estimates a Rainbow and Brown trout population of between 75,000 and 80,000 in the 4 miles of Special Waters that we fish. Average size of the fish is 18 inches with 22 inch Rainbows to be not uncommon. We depend on an excellent group of experienced guides using the latest equipment and drift boats to provide a unique experience that is not to be found in any other North American fishery.

While the men, and women too if they like are off fishing the non-fishers will enjoy a full schedule of sight seeing, shopping, horseback riding, R&R, and a spa day at the world famous Pagosa Hot Springs.

We will spend a day touring the incredible ruins of the cliff dwelling Hitsatsinom (First People) era Pueblo People at Mesa Verde.
Here we will take a 4 hour guided bus tour of the National Park. We will visit Cliff Palace, Balcony House, and Long House. Trained National Park Service guides tell the story of Mesa Verde and interpret the sites for us. We also visit the Chacoan era Aztec West ruins in New Mexico where NPS guides interpret the incredible architecture of the Hitsatsinom who contributed to the mysterious First, Second, and Third Pueblo era civilization. Finally we will visit Chimney Rock, the northern most of the Chacoan sites, where the moon rise over the chimneys is not to be missed.

On our last day in the Four Corners we will attend the Totah Arts Festival and Navajo Pow Wow in Farmington, New Mexico.
Here you will meet Navajo, Apache, Ute and Pueblo artists and view and purchase thier offerings of Rugs, Jewelry, Pottery, and Paintings. You will also witness an authentic Navajo Pow Wow with dancing contests, Navajo foods, and music.

We make our headquarters in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, which is centrally located for both fishing and exploring the many Native American Indian cultural sites in the area. We stay in luxury accomodations on the shores of Pagosa Lake, our suites include kitchens, large living room areas, comfortable luxury beds and bedding, and jacuzzi spas.

Pagosa Springs is also famous for the healing waters of the Hot Springs, known to the Ute indians of the area as Medicine Springs. There is no better place in the Four Corners to enjoy a delightful soak after a hard day of fishing or sight seeing.

Any way you look at it an Old West Adventure will create never forgotten memories for you and your family.


Echoes of the Canyon Native American Flute Solo By SaReGaMe

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